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  "As a small business, everyone here loves the fact that you come to us. It's routine, the service is great and most of all, its easy!"
  "When I first heard about DC Butler's Executive Dry Cleaning service, I couldn't believe such a service existed. I am so glad that I looked into it. Now, most the people in my office use it."
  "My old dry cleaner was so busy in the morning. On occasion, I had to wait up to 15 mins to simply drop off my dry cleaning. DC Butler = No More Waiting. They come to my office."
  "When looking back at how long I used the dry cleaner that was 10 mins out of my way, I am mad at myself for not using you guys sooner. What a great service!"


  No more hassle of running another errand during your busy work week.  
  Sign up today and let us become your “DC Butler”.  
  My boss gives me a bunch of his shirts each week to have dry cleaned. I used to have to leave the office to go to the dry cleaners and lose about 45 mins of my day dealing with traffic, etc. I found DC Butler and time saved. This is so convenient."  

Dry Cleaning
Shirt Laundry
Bed Linens
Bed Pillows
Area and Oriental Rugs
Wedding Gown Preservation
Shoes, Boots, Uggs & More...