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How it Works


Using DC Butler's Executive Dry Cleaning Service is EASY!


1. Call 844.288.5378 and speak with a DC Butler Representative.


2. Set up a DC Butler Executive Dry Cleaning Service Account and Place your order. The representative will tell you what day and time the route delivery person will be picking up at your office building.


3. A quality laundry/garment bag for transporting your items will be delivered to you. (at not charge)


4. Have your dry cleaning ready for route delivery person to pick up. He/she will drop it off on the next scheduled trip and repeat.


  No more hassle of running another errand during your busy work week.  
  Sign up today and let us become your “DC Butler”.  
  I have an hour for lunch each day. In that time, I attempt to drop of the dry cleaning. By the time I am done, I only have a half hour for lunch. With DC Butler coming to the office to pick it up, I now have a full hour lunch.  

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