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About Us


At DC Butler, we're all about keeping it clean. Your laundry, the environment, and our customer service record. We are working hard to be the authority in clothing care across the Metro Detroit Area by doing exactly that. We use eco-friendly dry cleaning, high efficiency washers, and offer customers the option of all natural laundry soaps. We provide you with a laundry/garment bag to reduce the use of plastic.

We strive to be the most dependable, convenient and easy service you'll ever use! We know that's a tall order and we believe we are up to the challenge! Try us out and see, touch and feel the difference DC Butler provides.

Our singular simple rule is “100% customer satisfaction” and we're doing it in a way no one else does. Who else do you know that's ready and willing to bring your dry cleaning directly to your office and we provide you with your own personal representative to address any needs you may have.

Innovation is what sets us apart. State-of-the-art facilities and equipment create a dry cleaning experience that’s better for you and better for the environment.

DC Butler, your green dry cleaners in Metro Detroit, features an innovative cleaning solution that’s better for the environment than traditional dry cleaning methods. Which means it is as gentle to the touch as it is to your nose.

Our equipment is state-of-the-art. Our cleaning solution is freshly filtered for each garment. Simply put, we believe it’s the cleanest dry cleaning process ever.

We know how expensive dry cleaning is without the added cost of a service such as this. That's why you will never pay an additional fee for our delivery service.  And we do not add it in to our very reasonable garment prices. You pay the same as our store customers.

In addition, we recycle hangers as well as poly bags. We do this both in our stores as well as through our office pickup and delivery service.

  No more hassle of running another errand during your busy work week.  
  Sign up today and let us become your “DC Butler”.  
  Stopping off at the dry cleaners was one of those things that I always hated to do. The process can sometimes be time consuming and inconvenient. Then I found DC Butler. Now it can't be any easier. I simply bring my dry cleaning to the office with me and they pick it up. Now, I don't mind do the dry cleaning.  

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